Ultimate Rubicon Trail Tour

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Rubicon Trail Tours

The Rubicon Trail Tours are especially relevant because this trail is the most famous 4×4 experience in the World. In addition to the amazing scenery, the famed difficulty of the obstacles has become an icon that every off-road adventurer wants to experience. Before you get started on your trip, make certain to be prepared for this epic journey because you will have made a very serious commitment. As on account of there will be no access to motels, restaurants, taxis, medical facilities, businesses, nor alternate roads to go another way. Consequently, you don’t want to make any mistakes in your planning and execution because the Rubicon Trail is the real deal.

Our Very Highly Customized Trucks:

First of all, if you’re considering this trip you probably already know that every Jeep Wrangler is NOT created equal. What is especially relevant to us, and what distinguishes our trucks from other providers, is that our trucks have more than $80,000 invested into them. And to the best of our knowledge, no one else is providing as much as anywhere near this high of quality of vehicle.

Tour Summary:

In addition to providing an experienced driver with each truck we can accommodate up to two additional passengers in each vehicle. Once the trek starts our passengers may take the controls of the vehicle as their comfort level permits. In the situations while driving that you may reach an obstacle that makes you feel uncomfortable we will be happy to resume the controls again.

Camping Out:

To accommodate the overnight camping we will provide clean and high quality camping equipment to all persons on the trip. In addition to providing tents, cots, sleeping bags, lighting, and cooking gear, we will also provide many other important necessities.


  1. Because the of the trail difficulty and potential risks to persons on the tour, the minimum age limit for passengers is 12 years of age.
  2. During this trek we will provide a healthy assortment of food and beverages. In the case whereas one of your party may have a food allergy, please tell us in advance so as we can accommodate accordingly.
  3. When we start the tour, we will begin at the Loon Lake trail entrance in El Dorado County. We then travel the Rubicon Trail Tour in the west-to-east direction towards Lake Tahoe. Traveling the Rubicon Trail easterly direction is also the most popular way to experience the trail obstacles, and it also contributes to the least amount of traffic.

Now that you’ve read this far the question for you is: “Are you ready to blow your mind?”

If you have questions please email us at reservations@laketahoejeeptours.com or text/call us at 775-790-7579



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